Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a common problem and can be treated successfully at our clinic. Dental Solutions is both prepared and qualified to treat periodontal disease before it leads to significant tissue loss and bone loss around the teeth.

periodontal-careWhat are the symptoms of Periodontal disease?

Patients who suffer from periodontal disease can get the disease from poor oral hygiene care, smoking, medications that reduce saliva flow, diabetes, or other conditions that compromise the immune system (cancer, AIDS).

If you have any of the following systems of periodontal disease, you should set up an appointment to see your Glendale dentist:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose or sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums

What does treatment for Periodontal disease entail?

When treating periodontal disease, the goal is to control the gum infection. The type of treatment and number of treatment sessions is dependent upon the type and severity of periodontal disease a patient has.

Typically, patients receive root planning and scaling treatment. If the patient needs additional treatment, flap surgery or bone and tissue grafts may be performed.

Following treatment, implementing a good oral hygiene routine at home is instrumental in long-term treatment success. This will include regular teeth cleanings, brushing teeth twice per day, flossing daily, and avoiding smoking (which aggravates periodontal disease).

If you have any other periodontal disease questions, we would be happy to answer them for you at our Glendale, AZ location.

Trusting your teeth and mouth health to another person may feel daunting, but our Glendale dentists are here to provide you with the best care possible. We want you to feel at home in our office and comfortable as well as healthy within your mouth.

What separates Dental Solutions from other dental care practitioners and dental care practices?

Our location.

Our office is located in Glendale, AZ; So no matter where you are in the Phoenix Metro area, we are there to care for your teeth.

Our care.

Our dentists take a personal interest in each patient and are eager to provide patients with the best possible dental care, dental treatments, and home oral hygiene instruction.

Our staff.

All Arizona dental clinics must have dentists who are licensed with the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners yet not all dentists are committed to the well-being and oral health of their patients. At Dental Solutions, we are committed to your well-being and your oral health.

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