Sensitive Tooth Pain

For some, sensitive tooth pain is a common sensation. Drinking anything hot or cold can cause pain and regardless of medicine taken, a painful sensation remains. Many people assume that if the over-the-counter medications are not working, nothing can help. However, proper dental care from a quality dental office can help with new prescriptions and sensitive tooth pain treatments.

If you are suffering from sensitive tooth pain, visit our dental office in Glendale AZ. You shouldn’t have to live in continual sensitive tooth pain and our Glendale dentists are here to help.

Our patients provide us with a way to help others and give back to our Glendale community.They entrust us with their smiles and we offer them the best care in the Glendale area.

sensitive-toothWhat are some things that can cause sensitive tooth pain?

There are several reasons that sensitive tooth pain can appear in a patient. As we age, our enamel wears on our teeth and our gums begin to recess. This can be a cause of sensitivity in the teeth.

Another possibility is poor oral hygiene or gum disease. Drinking too much soda or other acidic beverages. Damaged teeth such as a chipped or broken tooth can cause sensitivity. Even hard toothbrushes that are too abrasive can cause sensitivity.

To determine your sensitive tooth pain cause and plan out a successful treatment method, talk with your Glendale dentist at Dental Solutions.

What can I do to stop feelings of sensitive tooth pain?

The best way to stop sensitive tooth pain is to visit your Dental Solutions dentist to find a permanent solution. When you arrive, your Glendale dentist will perform an exam and then ask about your symptoms.

Once the underlying problem has been identified, the dentist will prescribe medication and/or perform treatment. Many times, the dentist will give you prescription toothpaste to aide with treatment and sensitivity pain.

What separates Dental Solutions from other dental care practitioners and dental care practices?

Our location.

Our office is located in Glendale, AZ; So no matter where you are in the Phoenix Metro area, we are there to care for your teeth.

Our care.

Our dentists take a personal interest in each patient and are eager to provide patients with the best possible dental care, dental treatments, and home oral hygiene instruction.

Our staff.

All Arizona dental clinics must have dentists who are licensed with the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners yet not all dentists are committed to the well-being and oral health of their patients. At Dental Solutions, we are committed to your well-being and your oral health.

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