Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people need wisdom teeth removal in either their late teens or their early 20s, depending on the growth and development of their wisdom teeth. Although there are a small number of people who can keep their wisdom teeth without problems arising, most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed before problems arise and the wisdom teeth cause damage.

Dental Solutions is committed to providing consultations for those with wisdom teeth to determine if and when their wisdom teeth should be removed. At our Glendale AZ dental office, we will discuss a wisdom teeth removal approach with you.

extractionsWhat are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth that a person gets and are the third set of molars that a person will get. Wisdom teeth tend to come in during patients teens or early 20s.

When you come in for a dental visit, your Glendale dentist will X-ray your teeth and look at their positioning. This gives the dentist the ability to see your teeth under the gum line and to determine how they will grow in as well as whether or not they should be removed. It is best to remove wisdom teeth earlier if possible because when the wisdom teeth roots are not fully developed, it is easier and less painful to remove.

Why would or wouldn’t I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

Often the wisdom teeth grow in misaligned or possibly impacted.

Misaligned wisdom teeth create problems for adjacent teeth by crowding them or possibly damaging them. Misaligned wisdom teeth also can damage the jawbone, bite and function of the teeth, and damage nearby nerves. Removing the wisdom teeth is the best option in this scenario.

During impaction, wisdom teeth are enclosed inside of soft tissue and only partially come through the gum. This allows bacteria to come in and create infection. Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed, as they will not come in properly.

When the teeth come in properly, they do not require removal. However, most teeth come in misaligned and cause bite and function problems as well as jawbone and nerve damage. In fact, the wisdom teeth may even wreak havoc on adjacent teeth and damage them as well.

What separates Dental Solutions from other dental care practitioners and dental care practices?

Our location.

Our office is located in Glendale, AZ; So no matter where you are in the Phoenix Metro area, we are there to care for your teeth.

Our care.

Our dentists take a personal interest in each patient and are eager to provide patients with the best possible dental care, dental treatments, and home oral hygiene instruction.

Our staff.

All Arizona dental clinics must have dentists who are licensed with the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners yet not all dentists are committed to the well-being and oral health of their patients. At Dental Solutions, we are committed to your well-being and your oral health.

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